General healthcare

At Clinique vétérinaire Monaco-Fontvieille , we are committed  to preventative medecine , which is important at each stage of the life of your anmal .


Your puppy or kitten's first visit to the clinic is a chance to get to know  the team. It provides an opportunity to plan for your pet's first vaccinations and establish routine parasites treatment ( as important for the health of your family as for your pet ).
This is the time, also, to discuss food and training.

At this appointment , when your animal is aged between five and seven months , we will check on growth and  behaviour and take time to discuss if sterilisation ( medical or surgical) is appropriate to your pet , whether male or female. Careful consideration is necessary : we will discuss with you both medical and behavioural consequences.

The yearly check-up  gives us the opportunity to discuss behaviour, nutrition and vaccinations.
It is also important to do regular checks if your pet has a chronic illness as diabetes, liver or renal failure or painful osteoarthritis .

As your animal gets older, a visit to the vet is necessary to check on its general health.
Some breeds are prone to certain illness ( eg cats and renal failure, Cavalier King Charles and heart failure...) so we check rigorously for these problems.
The Clinic has all the necessary equipment and we can give instant results , as well as advice on suitable nutrition .