The nursing team at "Clinique vétérinaire Monaco-Fontvieille" welcomes you from 9am to 7pm ( 9am to 4pm on Thursdays , 9am to 12noon on Saturdays )

KAREN , ESTELLE  and MELANIE are at your service for making appointments and for advice regarding the health or education of your pet.  They regularly receive training to better help you choose from the products we offer : in recent years the range of veterinary products has grown considerably but they are not all of the same standard.

  BASSON-BLANCHI et LISCOET  use their veterinary experience to select the products they consider  best for your animal, including those for skin,teeth,eyes and ears , as well as treatments for parasites .

Choosing the right food is of paramount importance for the health and longevity of your pet.  Moreover, during illness, medical treatment may need to be supported by an adapted diet to improve  success rates.